What We're Doing to Keep Things CLEAN

The safety is our number one concern, we have implemented a number of additional safety measures, including:

Professional Guidance

  • Continue to monitor COVID-19 recommendations provided by the CDC and king County Health Department

  • Continue use  of a certified Hygienist to confer on best cleaning protocols

  • Utilization of certified COVID-19 surface testing

For Parents

  • Before students are back to studio, make sure they are clear of all COVID-19 related illnesses, such as, but not limited to:CoughShortness of breath, Fever, Sore throat

  • If the student is experiencing any symptoms, or has been in contact with anyone who has been experiencing any of these symptoms, please contact us to cancel class.They can come back finish make-up class when recovered

  • No parents will be allowed in the studio. All parents need to wait their student outside studio for both drop off and pick up.

  • During the class, if teacher find Students have signs of illness will be sent home

  • If you are traveling out of state, please wait for two weeks before you get back to studio unless you provide a negative COVID test result

For Teachers & Students

  • All teachers and students will have their temperature taken before entering the studio

  • All teachers and students will be required to wear a mask at all times while in the studio

  • All staff and students will be required to wash their hands upon arrival

  • All the teachers teaching in the studio will get vaccine 

  • All the teachers will sanitize all the tables after each class

  • Students will be separate 6 feet apart from each other and each student have their own working table and art supplies

  • Students will ask to wash hands before they leave the studio