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The process is far more important than the result!

Red Star Art School has created a program that is fun, exciting, and stimulating for each age group. We do follow a weekly program but we strongly believe that each child should be given the opportunity to explore their creative mind and imagination. This means that our program is always flexible and that the child’s own ideas are celebrated and encouraged at all times.

Our term time classes are kept small, which allows us to get to know all the children well, as we want to offer a caring and nurturing environment.

Our aim is to ensure that each child is given the time they need to find their feet with activities. We certainly encourage the children to try new things but it is important to remember that every child is different and some will need more time than others before putting their hand in a bowl of paint for example!

We can’t tell you how fantastic it is to see a child who won’t even touch paint with a fingertip, to begin with, to then see them get stuck in with the paint and making patterns, talking about what they are doing. Or a child who uses painting to express themselves because they are shy, grow in confidence week by week, and start chatting non-stop! The results are amazing!

What parents are saying…

"It’s a magical time for the kids to really connect to the materials and have an art adventure, Its a place where kids can get super creative and feel proud of whatever they do. We look forward every week to what materials we will find and what special project we will get to explore. Thanks!"

“Sunday morning art with Red Star is my son’s favorite time of the week! The projects are colorful, thoughtful, creative, and often driven by the kid's particular interests. "

“Red star art classes are so much fun! My daughter keeps asking me at the beginning of each week when the art class is because she can’t wait to go!  A huge part of that is because creative projects each week and also every child feels so special themselves!"

Studio Policy
Mask is required in the studio.

There is no refunds for a no-show or a cancellation. The money can be applied to the current or following month. The money expires the last day of the following month.

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